Back Packing in the greater Joshua Tree Area offers many options. The terrain includes low and high desert to nearly 5,000 feet as well as mountainous alpine terrain that goes above the tree line to over 11,000 in elevation.

Joshua Tree National Park is a backpacker's dream. It embraces 794,000 acres of which 585,000 acres have been designated wilderness. By observing the guidelines your venture into the backcountry should be safe and enjoyable. If you have questions, ask a ranger. It is your responsibility to know and abide by park regulations any back Packing planning should consider seasonal considerations.

You will need to register if you plan to stay overnight at a backcountry registration board. You will need to locate your camp one-mile from the road and 500 feet from any trail. Bring adequate water for drinking, cooking and hygiene. Don't get lost while hiking, make sure you know your limitations and get yourself a topographic map and compass and some essentials such as rain protection, a flashlight, a mirror and whistle, a first-aid kit, pencil and paper, a pocket knife, and extra food. Remember: That old desert sun can damage eyes as well as skin. Wear a hat and sunglasses and use sun-blocking lotion liberally. Bike riding.

For Mountain Back packing see San Jacinto State park and San Bernardino National Forest.